I'd PIN That - Week 2

What can I say...I'm an ADDICT! To any and all things DIY, Photography, Crafts...sigh - my poor hubby! I started my early love with Pinterest before you actually had to have an invite. Ah, what is this world coming to?? It's like rotary phones, we had a green one. Bag cell phones, under the front seat of my Mom's Buick. Cassette Tapes and VCR's, gah ..... I'd better stop, I'm starting to feel OLD

So, back to Pinterest and 'Pinning'
The lovely Stephanie from Ol' Mother Hyder is hosting a weekly Pinterest Challenge with a giveaway - BONUS!

Here are a few lovely flower 'Pins' that caught my eye

source: Le Frufru

source: Martha Stewart

source: It's Doable

if you feel so inclined to play along and enter to win, click the button below - happy Pinning!

I'd Pin That Link Party!


Mason's Mama said...

Great pins! Thank you for linking up with us!!

Lisa Balazs said...

Oh I love them all! I'm so glad I found your blog and Stephany's. I love pinning!

Hugs, LisaKay