Make-Up Mayhem

So with a new move, comes new space (or lack there of-which is NOT the case in this house) drawers, cupboards, blank walls...and more room for DIY and Pinterest ideas, wink wink!

I've always kept my make up in a bag, brushes in the pocket. Till my dear hubby surprised me with a snazzy brush set and roll out MOTHER-load holder with brushes, LOVE him! So the brushes went elsewhere but I was still digging around in my Mary Poppins bag for the right shades, till now.

Oh goody a DRAWER, which I didn't even spot, no kidding...till week 2 in our house. So I promptly unpacked my make up and it looked like this, yuck right?

off to Target for some drawer liners, which of course had to match the shower curtain. A little tossing and dispersing of NON facial items and voila, a beautifully organized drawer, that doesn't shift with every pull of the handle!

 I have seen other fun ideas on Pinterest for make up storage as well, here are a few of my fav's if you don't happen to have an empty drawer of your own.

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Laura Thoughts

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The Look

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Courtney said...

I love this! You made your makeup drawer look amazing with such a simple fix! <3 :)

Dawn Braun said...

Why thanks!! @Courtney Now I need to go buy more makeup, haha!!