Horsin' Around

And here's what my pretty little white board looks like now...

GORGEOUS aren't they??

I found these little beauties on ETSY, surprise surprise!!...At a sweet little shop called CamillaCotton. I kindly asked if she'd paint them colors to coordinate with my daughters bedding and she quickly replied with a yes. I was beyond THRILLED when they arrived in the mail, all bubble wrapped and ready to hang. 

Since we move every couple of years, I wanted the hooks easy to transport, so a board seemed the best fit. That way we only have two screws to deal with and two holes to fill instead of six! 

Another sweet addition to the horse themed room, LOVE it!


Kassi Mortensen said...

LOVE that!!! And I love a little miss that loves horses. Girl after my own heart! :)

Krista Grandstaff said...

These are amazing! :) Between Etsy and Pinterest...I have the potential to become a hoarding hermit.. ! Seriously though.. these are great.. my daughter (12) snagged a lawn jockey on one of our trips back home to Ohio, and we painted him to match her room (as of this morning, he's walking her American Girl horse...lol)..she has horse heads as well in there :)