The Space

Moving every couple of years into newer and older homes, you learn to make good use of your space. Especially if you're like me and you like to st r  e  t ch out a bit! Here's a little peek into my newest 'space'. 

 My desk top is a heavy piece of large MDF that I painted a few coats of white paint on for a nice smooth finish. I had to flip it over this move since our movers put a huge gouge in the other side. My table legs used to be two tall stool (which are now serving their rightful place at the counter in our kitchen) but have been upgraded to these snazzy two drawer file cabinets, which house all of my 8-1/2X11" cardstock.

I use the tabbed folders to hold all the scraps of paper and place the full sheets 
behind their coordinating colors.

Another piece of MDF, slathered with some more white paint. My Dad screwed in the old bars I've had from IKEA, while he was here and then screwed this bag boy into the studs...cause man, is it HEAVY with all of those punches!

Old IKEA cd shelves work great for holding all of my stamp sets and those snazzy ink pad holders I purchased from non other than ETSY 4 years ago, they work great for holding ribbon too.

Another wall unit but this time from Michael's...with a 50% off coupon, I might add. All the jars are from Hobby Lobby, they were cheaper there and had more selections. 

 A dear friend from TX gave this to me 
before we left and I laugh every time I read it!

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Alex said...

I am in LOVE with your desk! What an awesome space you have - I bet you never want to leave!