How to Organize Glitter and Twine with Washi Tape

I've been starting to not like my bookshelf lately, so decided to do
a bit of cleaning, organizing, purging and prettying it up a bit. 

I've had a few rolls of bakers twine in these handy shaker glass cups 
for awhile now...but have entirely way too many rolls of twine to contain
each one, so I picked a few of my 'go-to' colors and added a bit of coordinating 
Washi Tape to jazz up the jars a bit. I love how the rolls stay nice and neat and
you can pull out as much or as little as you need. I tried using the large sugar
shaker jars like this but found that the twine would get caught and I ended up 
just ripping off the little sugar flap anyway. 

I also was tired of my old labeling system for my Embossing Powder
and Glitter. I used to have a hanging tag attached on each corner but 
they would get flipped or bent in moves...so when in Rome (or Minot)
what better time to #Washi than now, right?!

I pulled out a tiny set of letter stamps, and inked them up with 
Black Momento Ink. To get a nice straight stamped word, I
ripped off pieces of Washi Tape and placed them on a glass
cutting board. The Washi peeled off perfectly and stuck
straight onto the little reusable plastic containers. 

Each container has it's own plastic spoon for ease of shaking
the embossing powder or glitter onto whatever image I'm working
on at the moment. The extra powder or glitter is easily tapped
 off and falls right back into the container, no mess, no fuss!

 I've almost finished with the rest of the shelves and love
how 'pretty' they look now! 

How do you store your bakers twine? Embossing Powder? or Glitter?
I'd love to see!


Rambling Hermit said...

very cool! love it!

Kelly Elise Jaspers said...

Love your blog.
You've got a new follower on Bloglovin!

Have a wonderful day.