Making Valentines

Another year of kid friendly Valentines and this
year with two of my little people in school, we had
double the amount.

We used acrylic paint for the hand and foot prints, then
I let the older three go crazy with glitter glue and stickers.
The perfect project to send to the Grandparents
for their Valentine wedding Anniversary!

I always keep my eye peeled for fun crafts or projects for
my kiddos. Since they see Mommy crafting all the time, they
like to get involved too. I picked up three boxes of cards at
Target and the kids stuck their Valentine greeting to the front, 
then wrote and stamped inside for their friends.

We taped candy hearts onto each card with a bit of 
Washi Tape for all the classmates. The teachers and school
staff will be getting these fun chocolate -one is a million- candy bars 
and other assortment of Valentine chocolate candies.

My daughter made her Valentine box about two weeks ago
and just jazzed up the heart banner with a bit of glitter glue.

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