Bride, Bingo and Babies

 Still can't believe we've lived back in ND since July! The time is flying and I'm sure it has something to do with me keeping busy as a little bee with the Internet, I'm slightly obsessed!
Here's a little recap via Instagram, hence the grainy pics...but you've gotta love the convenience factor.

We took a roadtrip to the Tri-State area for a wedding, my hubby's relatives live in all three states. It was nice to see who we could and let the kids hang with two of their Great Grandma's. 

 Of course you can't have a road trip without these necessities, Starbucks and Chocolate....need I say more?

my hunky date for the wedding, isn't he a dreamy?!

the outfit...and yes, I pulled off "Footloose" dancing in those heels

The Stunning Bride and Handsome Groom
(we've got another lady Braun in the family, yipee)

I snuck out one night to play BINGO with my hubs Gma Toots. She's in her 90's and as quick as a whip! We both got lucky too, so fun!

We took a different drive back to Minot stopping by our old house in Grand Forks, she still stands red, tall and proud with a new fence too...great memories!!

and of course filling Etsy shop orders

What have you all been up to?


The Millers said...

I dont know how I never realized this... you live in Minot?! My sister lives there! Her husband works at the base and they have been there a little over 2 years. How funny!

Dani @ My Make-up and Beauty Obsession! said...

Wow you really have been busy!! Sounds like you had fun, I love weddings! xxxx