DIY Mail Holder

Back with another Trashy Treasure. This sorry old brown Lillian Vernon (my Mom used to get their catalogs all the time when I was little) bill payer thing was placed outside next to a garbage can in Newport, RI...yet another one of my little finds that we moved to the Midwest. Oh Joy! Can't you hear my hubbies eyes rolling from here?

Clearly I was having a lightbulb moment, clouded judgement, when I thought..."hey, this would be great to stash a years worth of cards in"
I had my hubs rip out every other section to make larger slots for my cards and then I got to work.

A quick sand by hand just to scratch up the surface, lighten the numbers and monogram that were on the box, then my first light coat of white spray paint.
The first coat was too thick and started to bubble, so I just wiped it off the fronts of the drawers and started again, no problemo!

Two coats of white later, 
I pulled some scrapbook stickers out of my stash and started putting on letters for the months of the year...ripped those off in a jiffy and went with numbers instead.
I then started on my Green Apple...

3 coats later, I waited for it to dry completely before peeling off my stickers to reveal the white numbers that remained and yes, I was totally patting myself on the back right about now!

 A bit of measuring and drilling (in pearls and jeans, I might add) for my snazzy new green Hobby Lobby knobs...
a quick chevron designer paper to jazz up the bottoms of my drawers and viola!

She's ready for business!

 I added a bit of metal hardware to the front to cover up the impression of the monogram, I was so excited to take pics, I forgot to fill it first!

So, what do you think? Would you have picked this sad piece of trash off the curb??


Katie Drane said...

I'm so glad that I'm following you! What a clever idea. It looks great. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome work:)


Unknown said...

i love this! you did an awesome job. i would've never been able to pull that off.

SEL said...

You did a great job on this. I LOVE the color!!

Newest follower from the linkup!

Swing by if you can.


Erika said...

thank you so much for stopping by my blog,loveee your blog!New follower!Have a great week!

Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Art said...

What yummy color and print choices, my dear! I love the transformation.


Paula said...

Wow! I would have never picked that up. You have a great eye :) They whole design is awesome!

Tami Rebekah said...

Oh lala very nice!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Great job! Love the green color you chose!

Happy WW!

momto8 said...

that looks fabulous!! good for you!

Sally said...

Looks great!

Meredith @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home said...

What a clever idea! I love that green you chose too!!

Thanks for joining Keep Calm & Link Up last week! We hope to see you again this Thursday evening! xo, Meredith @ www.waittilyourfathergetshome.com

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Super cute Dawn! I love the color!!

Christy James said...

Super stinkin cute!!